A SOCOORD is normally authorized only on corps staffs. Recommending priorities for accomplishing IO tasks identified during planning. Special operations coordinator (SOCOORD). An effective C2 system to coordinate and execute CSS operations. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AND STRATEGIC-LEVEL COMMANDS. Protection of culturally significant sites. Treatment and disposition of enemy defectors and enemy prisoners of war (EPWs), civilian internees, and detainees, determined by the G-5. Providing coordination between the corps and the special operations command and control element, which may co-locate with the main CP. The AVCOORD is the senior aviation officer in the force and the commander of an aviation unit supporting it. Staffs require the minimum number of reports from subordinates consistent with the commander's need for information. Operating a civil-military operations center to maintain liaison with other US governmental agencies, HN civil and military authorities, and nongovernmental and international organizations in the AO. The commander consolidates logistics functions under the C2 of the BSB headquarters. Predicting fallout from friendly use of nuclear weapons and disseminating nuclear strike warning messages when required. Veterinary food inspection, animal care, and veterinary preventive medicine activities of the command (with the veterinary officer). Providing home base support and services. Coordinating all classes of supply except class VIII (which is coordinated through medical supply channels). The SPO medical section then in-forms the BSMC of the requirements and synchronizes the movement of assets. It includes the ordered arrangement and maneuver of units in relation to each other, the terrain, and the enemy to translate potential combat power into victorious battles and engagements (FM 3-0). 4-73. Avoid conflict and duplication by adjusting plans or policies before implementation. During preparation and execution, commanders use recommendations from running estimates in decisionmaking. An effective distribution-based CSS system that combines agility, velocity, and information system capabilities to form a seamless distribution pipeline from the factory to the foxhole. The skills and knowledge required for an SPO-III to perform these duties include, but are not limited to: a. Controlled and directed by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology, DLA functions as an integral element of the DOD military logistics system. Under the NMP, installations compete for contracts to conduct source of repair (SOR) work for reparable exchange (RX) line items that have a National requirement. Commanders direct individual staff members or teams to conduct staff inspections. The ASCC may be required to support the geographic combatant commander by conducting land operations to support or attain the combatant commander's objectives. Acting as liaison between AMD units and air control units. Providing equipment and services to other nations through the Security Assistance Program. Ensuring IO supports achieving information superiority. The duties and responsibilities of people serving in the military can vary widely depending on their roles. It exercises C2 over assigned and attached theater-level Army personnel units. The intelligence cycle is an example of such a process. DISA ensures the interoperability of the global command and control system--Army (GCCS-A), the global combat service support system-Army (GCSS-A), and the other CSS command and control, asset visibility, and transportation systems (as discussed in chapter 5). Monitoring execution of IO tasks to ensure delivery of massed information effects when needed. Once patients arrive, the SPO medical section coordinates the evacu-ation of patients to higher roles of care. The problem determines the extent of research. The NMP is characterized by single maintenance standards for repairing and returning components to AWCF stocks. Physical security of critical assets, nodes, and sensitive materials. Presentations may take the form of briefings, written estimates, or staff studies. Planning and initiating procedures to verify and report enemy first use of NBC agents (with the surgeon). Advising the Air Force on Army operational weather support requirements. Coordinating the requisition, acquisition, and storage of supplies and equipment, and the maintenance of materiel records. Maximum use is made of contracted, host nation, joint, and intratheater lift capabilities (such as locally available commercial trucks and military cargo aircraft).