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The Bureau of Analysed Samples Ltd. (BAS) has been producing Certified Reference Materials for over eighty years. A large range of CRMs have been developed and maintained over this period, all under the auspices of an Honorary Advisory Committee and a body of approximately 150 Co-operating Analysts representing both Independent Laboratories and Manufacturers and Users of the materials concerned.

In November 1994, the Quality System of the Bureau of Analysed Samples Ltd. was formally approved and recognised by the award of a Certificate of Registration to the Quality Standard BS EN ISO 9002:1994 for the production and supply of CRMs, RMs and SUS. This certificate was most recently re-validated, in September 2017, to the new Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Furthermore, BAS was accredited, in June 2006, to the International Guide, ISO Guide 34:2000 and this accreditation was recently upgraded to the International Standard ISO 17034:2016 earlier this year. Both Accreditation Certificates can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate icon below.


Certificate: GB94/3993

Over the years our website has undergone many improvements and now includes a database of our current range of CRMs, together with the more popular OSRM materials. This is simultaneously searchable for up to six constituents. Products and their corresponding Certificates are now also searchable by name.

We have continued the exercise to update BAS certificates to provide more comprehensive statistical information, including standard deviation and half-width confidence intervals where these did not previously exist. Please check the Numerical Index on pages 25-28 of the BAS Catalogue to ensure that you have the latest certificate. If you have not, then please check this website for our selection of current certificates. If you are unable to locate a current certificate then we will gladly supply it on request.

Our OSRM catalogue provides details of CRMs and RMs, prepared by 28 reputable producers, and many of these are retained in our stock at Newham Hall for prompt despatch, and those which are not immediately available from our stock are usually obtainable from the Producer concerned within two weeks.

If CRMs and RMs of specifications not covered in our BAS and OSRM Catalogues are sought, we are very happy to search for any such sample which may be known to us through our personal worldwide database.

BAS is proud to be one of the first RM Producers to gain accreditation to the new International Standard ISO 17034. We strive to continually provide the quality of products and service for which this award was gained.


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BAS Catalogue No. 872 March 2019

BAS Price List No. 873 March 2019

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Please note that both our March 2019 price lists are subject to change and product availability.