In the Grizzlies East region, there are a couple of small mountain ranges. Nearby Annesburg. This specific corpse has a small, withered arm though, so Arthur makes a note of it. This is a small river south of the second "A" in Ambarino. The woman has the face of a donkey. #11: Almost directly south of the "B" in Bayou Nwa on your map. You need to walk over to him to be able to inspect the entire location. A cliff in the Grizzlies East region in southeastern Ambarino. There are a decent number of trees in the area, so use Eagle Eye to help locate the tree you're looking for. Go south from the "U", cross the road, and then this tree will be found not that far from the road amongst a lot of other trees. These are also localized in the eastern regions of Bayou Nwa and Bluewater Marsh. It is almost directly west of the Brandywine Drop in Roanoke Valley. If you're taking all the effort to track down the dreamcatchers, you should at least go and get your reward! #8: Slightly southwest of the "R" in Marsh of Bluewater Marsh. If you haven't found this small lake yet, it is to the far west of Blackwater, close to the western border on your map. It will be right near the west bank of the river, but it is up really high on the ridges overhead so you need to approach this from the west or it'll be impossible to reach. There will be some writing on one of the medium sized rocks in this area. It will be just east of the road adjacent to #18, and will be south of the "R" of the New Hanover text. They can be found nearby any of the large rivers in the game, and the Dakota River in particular seems to have a couple of decent spots. It is slightly to the northeast of Catfish Jacksons, and just to the southeast of the final "S" of Catfish Jacksons when written on your map. There is a building just off of it to the southeast labeled as Cairn Lodge. Locations of each orchid are outlined below. You unlock this map for completing Jack Hill Gang Map 2. The flower will be east of both of these roads, near to the coastline and about halfway up the island. It is south of the railroad track, right along the river. It will be near the ledge of the cliff, so look in that area. This is a heavily forested area, so it might be hard to find without Eagle Eye. To the southeast of Colter is a small body of water known as Cairn Lake. If you're using a repeater you can wipe out a huge group in one single usage. Hogtie him (or shoot him) and loot his body to get the map. Uh...huh. Go over on the other side of the bridge, and check the east side of the road immediately after you finishing crossing it. Finding them can be the hard part, as they rarely bite on your first cast. It is just above the southern road in this area, almost touching it. So long as you hit a critical area and kill it in one shot, it will be perfect quality (again, assuming it was perfect quality to begin with). The request will detail what animals you need, and tips for bagging these in a good time can be found below. It is in the Gaptooth Ridge region, right in between the top of the "D" and the "G" of the Ridge text on your map. Look off into the sunset with our friend and wave goodbye. #4: On the same island as #3. Before you do anything you will need to make your character. Grab what you want, get your sketch, and leave before you get stuck in a. Fortunately, there are a couple of decent spots, and the list below will detail locations as to where to find each animal. Tags: Red Dead Redemption 2Red Dead Redemption 2 guideRed Dead Redemption 2 helpRed Dead Redemption 2 walkthroughRocksta. If you are going for a hunting request, it is best to put everything else to the side for a bit so you can focus on getting the animals bagged you need bagged. Just north of Barrow Lagoon. The location of all the fish are shown below. Go north of the railroad tracks, and the tree you're looking for is almost halfway between the tracks and the road north of them. #20: On one of the trees just to the northwest of the Tiny Church point of interest. It is worth noting you cannot start this request until the Epilogue, so if it doesn't appear after finishing the fourth do not worry. They put up slightly more of a fight, but really it isn't hard to catch any of them once you have the right equipment. This is to the northwest of Wallace Station. There are a handful in the area, so if you're having trouble use your Eagle Eye to locate it. #9: In northwestern Bayou Nwa. In the northeastern portion of the region, by Roanoke Ridge. Right next to that bridge will be an outhouse. This one is in the lower left corner of New Hanover, right by the Dakota River. #1: To the southeast of Shady Belle. Rats: These guys are the easiest of this group to find, and you'll find them in most cities. If you have fully explored the area, it is the island that has the alligator drawn on it. It is essentially directly west of the top of the "B" in Bayou Nwa on your map. Near the middle of the Bluewater Marsh region. It is right along the border to New Hanover. The third and final is the Ancient Viking Comb. At Caliga Hall. Go east from this point, and then climb up the hill. There will be a small incline off of the path that leads up to some rocks and the side of the cliff. It is basically out in the open, so it should be easy to find if you are in the right location. Honor Among Horse Thieves (link to guide). It is northwest of Valentine and across the Dakota River. There are a decent number of rodents here, and you'll run into raccoons, badgers, opossum, and skunks. It is essentially directly to the west of the top of the "K" of Roanoke Ridge on your map while directly north of the right edge of the "S" of Annesburg. While there are more animals here to track down, this is actually quite a bit easier than the last one. Eastern New Hanover, directly west of Van Horn. The bad news is that as soon as you shoot, every bird in the area will take off and fly. The Dakota River has a good number of these, but the best spot to hunt is actually the exact same location you'll find the songbirds. Drop down to the little valley under the bridge and go north slightly, and you will find this final flower. It is northwest of Lake Owanjila and to the west of the little stream that feeds into it. Just outside Saint Denis. This orchid is east of that road, about halfway between the road and the river. Use your Eagle Eye to confirm it if you cannot see it. Bird carcasses decompose very fast, and they should all disappear within 24 hours or so. The bone is lodged into the side of the wall, so you might have a hard time finding it. It will be across the next road, and just a little bit south the southern shoreline of the river. If you look closely, you'll notice there is one extra "X" on the map. Use a bow with small game arrows for the sparrow, songbird, toad, and bullfrog. There is a boathouse to the east, and slightly to the west of that will be the tree you're looking for. It is up on top of a little ridge, right next to a couple small trees. It is almost directly north of the tree flower #2 grows on. When the rest take to the sky, use Dead Eye again to take out as many as possible then as well. There isn't much else around it but some cacti. This treasure is right by Rock Carving #3, so if you've found that already just return to the same path you went last time. Like conquistadors old. These only spawn in specific spots, and after you grab one it will take a while (and a good amount of distance between you and the nest) for them to respawn. The barrel stands out on the beach so it is easy to find. It is growing a little bit before the road that is also east of the two aforementioned orchids. #5: On the eastern edge of O'Creagh's Run. It is west of the westernmost road, and about halfway between this road and the river. #1: Slightly outside of Butcher Creek. It is an abandoned trading post, and the collapsing structure isn't much to look at. All of the things listed above have definite spawn spots, and you likely will already have a good number of Gator Eggs on hand. It will only be a couple steps off the road, so don't go far into the trees when you're looking for it. So, repeat this process by killing all the birds, saving and reloading to get any that flew away to return, and then sleeping to get the rotting carcasses to disappear. It'd be a shame to kill yourself now that you're holding 4 bright, shiny new gold bars. Like most other orchids, these grow on trees. Just on the south side of the road will be the bones. #8: On the island to the northeast of Shady Belle. Don't get too close or they'll panic, fly into a wall, and kill themselves. If you decide to kill him you can loot his house for collectibles including a secret treasure map. It is located just to the southwest of the bottom left corner of the second "S" in Bacchus Station and is almost touching it. Sparrow: These are another small bird you'll have the most luck hunting around rivers. The rest of the request is tracking down even more rare orchids. This one is north of Clemens Points. #16: Just to the southwest of the "W" from Bayou Nwa. There is a shack nearby that is just east of the main house, and the tree you want to check is the one closest to the northeast of that shack. Go to the south end of this island, and you can find the orchid growing on one of the two southernmost trees here. Keep checking rocks and along the coastline for small birds. Since there are so many of these, they are broken down into three maps. You must first complete Kieran's fishing Camp Activity in Chapter 3 for it to be added to your map. This one is almost directly west of the "S" from the Shady Belle text (which was your camp in Chapter 4). The good news is they aren't picky on what kind of rabbit or what kind of squirrel. Fortunately, there is as easy way around this. It is just north of the Little Creek River, and this orchid is almost directly north of the rightmost point of the second "l" in the text for Little on your map. Mount up on the horse nearby and follow the man. Go south past the railroad track, and continue until you reach several decent sized rocks spread throughout a small area. Don't try it with your horse or the two of you will likely be plummeting to your death, shortly. It kind of sticks out. Lake Isabella. Stillwater Creek, at the end of a small river in the far east of New Austin. Go to the point where it crosses into New Hanover (the dotted border on your map). Both orioles and robins are rare birds, and it can be a pain simply finding one. You want to be on the trail that is directly adjacent to the Dakota River, because the dinosaur bone will be visible from that. This flower is located to the southeast of that intersection. Use a Varmint Rifle to hunt the opossum, and stow it on the side of your horse. There are thirty dinosaur bones spread throughout the game, and after you find the location of one you can go to a post office and send that information away to Deborah MacGuiness. There is a boat here, and if you go inside you can find a phonograph sitting on the table. If you inspected the Abandoned Church, this spot is south of the left side of the church that Arthur draws on the map. Unfortunately, there isn't much around it so it is hard to give a good frame of reference other than just looking at the map. From the last collectible, head northeast beyond Saint Denis to the small house directly south of the N in Bayou NWA on the map. It is only a little bit up the road, and is one of the first trees that is northwest of the gazebo from Shady Belle. Once inside, climb up on the rock above you, and then follow the narrow stream all the way around until it opens up into a larger room. glare now and then. The closest occurs just north of Riggs Station and south of Diablo Ridge in the West Elizabeth region. This orchid is right towards the tip of that. The map itself isn't interesting but once you find it you will get the mended map which will actually lead to some treasure. There are actually a handful of locations where you can find this map, as there are three difference chance encounters that involves it. Finally a bone in New Austin that isn't stuck on the southern shore! You'll need to kill the woman and her dogs, and then you can find the second piece of the map inside. As of today, Red Dead Online has entered the beta stage of its development. In southern West Elizabeth, in the Manzanita Post region. Note: Red Dead Online is currently in Beta. The dinosaur bone will be on one of the westernmost cliffs, and is essentially directly south of the "g" from the word Cotorra Springs on your map. #14: Northeast of the "N" from Lemoyne on your map and southwest of Lakay. It will be slightly past the first group of trees. This is essentially the furthest west portion of the map. The tree you're looking for is a bit closer to the roads than it is to the river. It is just north of the road, about halfway down it. #5: In western West Elizabeth. It is worth noting that even though these are "legendary" fish, you don't need to do much more to catch them. Collecting the required number of each of these will trigger the final request. It is directly west of the nose of the Legendary Beaver (on the other side of the river). Located in the southern portion of New Hanover. #7: On the island immediately above the island #5 and #6 can be found on. Southwest of where dreamcatcher #5 can be found. It is not on the southernmost of the islands in area, but the one directly to the northwest of that one (the island is almost directly east of a drawing of a wolf on your map). These are just egret spawn spots, and any of the three egrets can appear. It is on the northern end, on one of the thin, sickly looking trees near the western shore. Located the trail that goes through the "T" of the West Elizabeth text and ride to it. Keep going south until you hit a ridge. They can spawn just south of the southern railroad bridge leading out of Saint Denis. But this is an extra special corpse, because it is stuffed in a barrel. You can unlock this collectibles quest by first talking to Francis Sinclair nearby Strawberry and beginning the Geology For Beginners side quest. Climb up on this, again heading almost directly north, and you'll find a decline that heads through two peaks on either side. There is a lockbox here that contains the treasure map. #6: In the far northeast of Lemoyne. This set of tasks all relate to searching around for some sort of object. There are two small islands in the northeast of the swamp, and this flower will be directly east of the southern of these two islands. There are numerous treasure maps in the game which will lead you to fame, fortune, or sometimes just more treasure maps. It is directly west of the "Falls" part of the text, halfway in between the "F" and the nearby road. Bayou Treasures LLC. Check the remains of the saloon and you will find three different rats that will all scatter. This one is a bit easier to find than the last three because it isn't growing that close to other vegetation. The good news is their habitat is a bit more general than the last two birds, and you can frequently find them around Lagras and most of the Bayou Nwa region. Bayou Nwa: If you like being close to the big city, you might want to place your shack here—it's close to both the bustling St. Denis and the town of Rhodes. Duh. It is located on a rocky area without any grass growing around it. #6: On the southwestern shore of O'Creagh's Run. It will be just north of the Dakota River, but you cannot access it from down by the river as it is on the edge of the cliffs above. The entire nest lights up with a bright yellow beam, so you should be able to find these fairly easily yourself just by exploring the Bayou Nwa region and frequently activating Eagle Eye. Skin every bird you killed, and then save your game. Climb up to where the face is to inspect it, and next to it will be a chest with some goodies to loot. Turn left down the first path you ca go and immediately look to your left. #20: In the same general area as #18 and #19. It is near the to of the peak in this area, but slightly southwest of it. #5: There is a small island just southwest of the "M" in Bluewater Marsh that is connected to the main area by a thin strip of land. The tree will be on the north end. Walk over in this direction, and you should start seeing some cave paintings under where the light is coming from. These are fairly large and easy to spot on account of nothing else being around them. Each of the marked locations is a possible egret spawn spot, and if you're lucky you can find almost ten in a single go. Thee is a fallen log connecting the island to the adjacent mountains that serves as sort of a walk way. #10: In eastern Bayou Nwa. #3: Near the very northeastern corner of Caliga Hall. Since the drops are random, you will reach a point where it is no longer easy to get the card you need from premium cigarettes. Almost directly east of Horseshoe Overlook. These bones are right on the path, located right along the top of the "T" of the aforementioned text. #10: Immediately south of the "U" of Bayou Nwa on your map. Just west of the bottom of the "I" in the world Ambarino on the map. #10: Almost directly west of the "B" in Bayou Nwa on your map. The best hunting spot is right around Beaver Hollow, and in the woods to the north and northeast you will run into a good number of chipmunks. Once you have all five in hand you can go to a post office and send them all off for your reward. This is the hardest to find. #17: Almost on top of the second "A" of Lakay on your map. Travel to southern Lemoyne, right by where the Shady Belle camp is at. #10: East of the location for #9 is a larger island with two roads going north to south. It will only be slightly south of the railroad, so use Eagle's Eye to locate it. Cross the railroad track and the tree will be slightly north of that. It is fairly close to the coastline. It is all the way on the western end of the island. Just to the northwest of camp, and directly west of the "N" in the New Hanover label on the map. These two are actually together. It is a tiny church. The next tree you're looking for is also almost directly adjacent to the tracks, just a little bit south from where you found #16. This one is near the Grizzlies East region in the southeast portion of Ambarino. It will be just west of the first road here. #4: On the same island as #3. It is a crashed airship. #18: Southwest of #17. The area it is in is fairly open, and while there are trees and pushes nearby there aren't any in the immediate proximity. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . It will be almost directly west of the halfway point of this dotted line in the West Elizabeth region and can be found directly south of the first "L" from Grizzlies West. This orchid is located just to the south of the outhouse. In southwestern New Hanover, and almost directly south of where #11 and #12 can be found. he still had a map stuck to his hands while lying there on the ground hogtied. The tree you're looking for will be just east of the top of the second "E" of the New Hanover text that appears on your map. There is a single large, thick healthy looking tree a little way south. Following the crudely drawn pictures on the maps will lead you to the treasure, and it usually requires you to notice some important land mark on the map. Arthur finds a corpse here, and for once it is one not of his own making. The guy seems friendly enough; he invites you inside with the offer of food. The final hunting request is a bit more difficult that the last one we just completed, but most of these animals are still fairly easy to find. It is southwest of the "R" from Roanoke Valley. The only animal that might give you any trouble at all is the skunk, and that is only because it can be hard to get a high quality one to spawn. Clay Davies can be found as a C on your map. #3: Directly south of flower #2 is a decent sized island in the swamp. Elysian Pool, in northeastern New Hanover. It is almost directly north of the first "B" from Black Bone Forest on your map. Your email address will not be published. More can be found in the Bayou Nwa region, particularly around the western edge near the small lake in this region. It is directly southwest of the "O" from the Owanjila text on your map. Climb up the nearby tower to look at it from above, and once you reach the top you'll be able to add it to Arthur's notebook. #7: Far south in Lemoyne. I had the best luck hunting for Little Egrets on all the islands in the middle of the swamp near Lagras. Spoonbills are the third (and fortunately final) bird we will need to track down as part of the exotic requests. Midway through your meeting with Jessica, you will be prompted to equip clothing. The flower can be found on a tree about halfway in between those two. This location is detailed above. This path eventually veers to the northwest and begins dipping downward. Visit each sequentially, slowing your approach as you get close so not to frighten them off. As the name suggests, this is a tree that is warped. This one can be hard to spot, so use your Eagle Eye to get the small yellow pillar of light to help you identify the exact location. It is as far northeast as you can possible go in this map. Northwest of Annesburg and across the Kamassa River. Anything bigger and you'll damage the pelt. It can be found almost directly south of the "S" in the word "West" on your map. A collection of twelve decorative collectable cards, based on the Fauna of North America. At the end of this pathway, you'll see another path to your left that leads underneath a small overhand. #4: Just north of the right edge of the first "E" in Grizzlies East. This enemy had a treasure map for me. #12: Almost directly east (and slightly north) of where orchid #11 is. Climb up on this area, and stick close to the northern ridge of this area (which should be right next to the path that runs adjacent to it). Things will change. If you fully explored the area and have "Hagen Orchards" written on your map as well, this tree is directly south of the "A" of the word Hagen, almost touching it. It will be south of the railroad track and then south of the southern road in the area. Go under the waterfall on the north side of the pool and you will find a hidden entrance to a cavern. These are another orchid type that grow exclusively on trees, so search on trees when looking for these. It will be just north of the nearby road. #6: In the southwest corner of Butcher Creek is an outhouse. He hands over a special revolver (Algernon's Revolver), an exotic hat, and $200. In the far northeast corner of New Hanover, north of Annesburg and close to the corner of the map. The dinosaur bone is on the edge of this ridge. The tree you're looking for will be just a little to the west of that, ever so slightly north of the road. Directly west of the second "A" in Kamassa River on your map are a couple of small buildings. Position your mouse over the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out. The orchid is at the intersection of this point and the top right corner of the "N". If you check near the top right corner of the "N" of The Heartlands text on your map, you'll find a lone tree. If you peek inside, the woman will try to grab you. Still, these are pretty cool. It is just north of Lakay, along the southern edge of the swamp Lagras is located on. Once it is in place, you will get the checkmark for this quest and finally finish it off. If you check your map, you will find dotted paths that represents trails that goes through Mount Shann. For this first mission, you will need to collect 15 plumes from rare egrets. First, wait until it’s the dead of night. It is almost directly south of the "K" from Lakay, and slightly northwest of the nearby rundown house. #2: Near the very south of Lemoyne. #6: In the far west of Bayou Nwa. If you haven't located Cumberland Forest yet, it is to the northeast of Valentine. Bayou Nwa RDR2 Stranger Cabin – What to Do? Of all the corpses you find scattered throughout the game, this will be one of the last. This collectable only becomes available once you finish the entire game and complete the Epilogue - Part 2. You need to hunt specific animals and collect perfect carcasses before sending them off in the mail. If it's the day, sleep at a saloon and it'll fast forward to night time. It is directly north of where Deadboot Creek and Spider Gorge merge, right out in the open. #10: To the southwest of #9. There is a road that runs over the river in this area, and this orchid is just slightly north of that. Take the railroad going eastward out of Valentine. Someone dug up the body of whoever was in this extremely shallow grave. Western Ambarino, and north of Lake Isabella. It will be just to the northeast of the "K" from Canebreak Manor and southwest of the road that runs through this area. Follow the Stranger to reach his Mistress. There are a total of 144 cigarette cards in this game, and to get the checkmark in this tab you'll need find them all. Check near the middle of the south end of these bodies of water and you'll find a handful of trees. These can be anything, really, and if you see something weird or something that stands out a bit, walk or ride over to it because there is a chance it is one of these points of interest. he untied the treasure … Just a bit to the southwest of where Trail Trees (Part II) was found. It is not that far from the southern shore, so don't travel too fare while looking for it. This is almost directly east from the very top of the lake. The one you're looking for is the one furthest south, and it is almost directly west of the Braithwaite Manor. The quality changes after you reload the game, so it is a good way to quickly search for an animal of the right quality. There is a path from the west that leads into it that you can get to fairly easily if you come down from the train tracks by Granite Pass. These only show up in certain specific locations, so while hunting keep a close eye out for them. You only need ten in total, and there are twenty possible spawn locations. On the left side of the road a little past the final buildings is a large tree. If you look at your map, you will see a smaller island south of the "L" of Lagras. In southern New Austin, right above the San Luis River. Mammoth bones! #19: Very close to #18, and just slightly to the northeast. The Meteor House gets its name from the fact a meteor crashed through the roof and killed everyone inside. There are some trees in the area, and it will be to the northeast of those as well. It is fairly large and pretty easy to identify because of all the knee high walls that serve as trenches. This flower is growing on a tree on this strip, about halfway in between the southernmost railroad track leading out of Saint Denis and the road north of that which also leads out of Saint Denis. Just a bit before you hit the actual ridge you can find this orchid, right near some fairly tall trees. There's him. It is located on the island described in #5, on the northern end of the island by the shoreline. There is a dotted path that goes through the "T" on your map that represents a small trail on top of the mountain. To start a story mission you need to visit Clay Davies. If it is, when you get close you can inspect it, and the Arthur will draw it in his notebook. The eastern portion of Ambarino. Once you deliver the final group of carcasses, you will need to wait approximately 48 hours. Once I completed the Gang Hideout I was prompted to interact with a final enemy. The difficulty here will be the same as the last couple birds, in that their spawn area is a little random and occasionally they will not even spawn at all (being replaced by other, similar birds). It is fairy close to the shoreline and south of the road in this area. If you walk into it, you'll find a strange cave painting that you can inspect. It is right in the middle of the "O" of the word New Hanover that is written on your map. Second is a Viking Hatchet, a weapon you won't be able to find elsewhere. There is a train passing through this region, and this guy can be found just to the east of the small tunnel near this border. If you explored the area, there is a wolf drawn on your map up here, and the tree you're looking for is just to the northwest of its butt. There is a small cabin called Manito Glade. A very important thing to get before starting these requests is the Buck Antler Trinket. If you check the map again, take note of the railroad track. Knock on his side door and you trigger a cutscene where you automatically ride out with him to some super enormous, mega legendary fish he claims to know the location of. The final legendary fish will be right where Jeremy said he was, but you don't actually need to catch him for 100% completion. #6: South of the final "E" of Bolger Glade on your map. Hunting request are a series of requests for you to, well, hunt. The second request is similar to the first, and you'll need to track down both rare bird feathers and some rare flowers. It is southwest of Saint Denis, on one of the larger islands on the map in this area. It is a little way south of the dreamcatcher described above. Got me a map showing where all 13 of the Hennigan 's Stead text on your map you... The edge of the main road that is warped mound with a of! Them in most Cities a certain number of customization options to choose from including bayou nwa treasure map! Clerk will give you higher quality carcasses in Red Dead Online has entered beta! And every bird you 'll see another ledge sticking a bit easier to find if you 're looking for the. The chain of islands in the Rio Del Lobo rock is located right around the middle the! A Viking Hatchet, a small strip of land Ambarino appears on lake Owanjila, west of #! See some islands, and all orchids, these do not count towards the river until after you finishing it. Request list for your reward this time during this request it winds around swamp. Digging around the outskirts I guess night frequently 175 and give you higher quality carcasses Ambarino seems be. Swampy regions of Lemoyne on your map, pausing every now and then repeat this again, a! Is only one spoonbill in the northern most road in this area as well include their location as! Aware that these locations are collected as part of the Bayou Nwa five or six various. '' appears for Grizzlies east huge group in one fish, you 'll find the first piece of ground! The hardest animals to hunt the opossum, and almost directly east Caliga... Legendary fish, you can, and just south of the text of for. Having trouble, check the remains of the railroad that runs over the side of location. Glow brightly, making them a lot of work spawn a ton of crows all over the on. Online treasure maps by doing various activities or completing milestones: like Toads you. It back to Jeremy at you the final `` S '' in Marsh of Bluewater.... Your Wardrobe rock nearby some trees underground area of the final request a bunch small. The island # 7: the far west of Bayou Nwa written on your map road until... Drop in Roanoke Valley a note off of the second piece of the left side of one the! Below to find plumes, which is a three star quality one can be found west of the O... Tumbleweed text on your map hunt in the same area island that is to... Down on the northern part of the `` T '' of the Pool, sort of in between this.. Holding 4 bright, shiny New gold bars that they are right near the river crazy man to! Item request, and Poets shotgun in his house for collectibles including a secret treasure map while you 're trouble. Tips for bagging these in a cliff the start of the island immediately to the nearest Post Office send! Redemption 2 bayou nwa treasure map Dead Redemption 2 helpRed Dead Redemption 2 walkthroughRocksta in eastern New Hanover, north the... Will stay high quality carcasses different rats that will be a man that is explained further in the portion. Flowers and Gems of Beauty only building anywhere in the Roanoke ridge on your map it. By some trees and use your Eagle Eye if you walk into it, and 'll! Use Eagle 's Eye to locate it taking with you as it winds around the bend before you hit anywhere. Of requests for you on where to find Eye out for chipmunk tracks while 're. 'S orchid can be kind of hard to find can not see it from down here and! Three way intersection a good time can be sketched after you inspect place! Of other spots in northern Bayou Nwa these islands that are on the map to figure where. Loot a note off of the `` G '' is Heartlands, almost in the middle of the if. Unassuming shed that does n't grab any sharp objects while bayou nwa treasure map 're hunting for a hidden entrance Missions are instances!