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Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for both chemical and spectroscopic analysis are prepared and issued by the BUREAU OF ANALYSED SAMPLES LTD (BAS) . The company was formed in 1935 to ensure the continuation of the work of the British Chemical Standards (BCS) Movement which was started in 1916 as an informal association of chemists in the iron and steel industry.

The first British Certified Reference Materials were produced initially with the assistance of NBS (now NIST) in the USA and the work has continued under the guidance of an independent Honorary Advisory Committee consisting of experienced Analysts from the iron, steel, non-ferrous alloy and mineral industries.



The finely divided (chip or powder) samples for chemical analysis (BCS-CRMs and EURONORM-CRMs) include a wide range of plain carbon and alloy steels, cast irons, ferro-alloys, non-ferrous alloys, ores, slags and ceramic materials.






The solid (disc or block) samples for spectroscopic analysis (SS-CRMs) cover most plain carbon, low alloy and highly alloyed steels, cast irons, and some non-ferrous alloys. Setting-up Samples of carbon and low alloy steels, and of cast irons, are also available.




As a complementary service, we distribute Certified Reference Materials prepared by other reputable Producers.

In addition to work directly concerned with the preparation of Certified Reference Materials, we are also actively engaged in work for various technical committees of BSI, ISO and National Research Associations developing methods of analysis.

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BAS Catalogue No. 882a September 2020

BAS Price List No. 883 March 2020

ORM Catalogue No. 886a September 2020

ORM Price List No. 887 March 2020

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